How can you help?

How can you help?

As you can tell, we are very passionate about climate change and the environment. We would like to give YOU tips on how you help.

1. Upcycle your clothes.

This means adding buttons, elastics and cutting up your clothes to give them a new look

2. Unplug computers, Tv’s and other electronic devices when you’re not using them

About a quarter of all residential energy consumption is used on devices in idle power mode, which means “sleep mode” is costing upward of €19 billion in electricity bills.

3.Eat for a climate-stable planet

Eat more meat-free meals

Buy organic and local whenever possible

4.Green your commute

Walk to school (if you can) once a week

Carpool as much as you can


This just doesn’t mean put all your recyclables in the recycling bin this also means recycle our clothes and furniture

6. Bring your own shopping bag

Plastic bags are incredibly destructive to the environment: They take hundreds of years to break down, contaminate soil and waterways, and cause widespread marine animal deaths

7.Plant a tree

There are many more ways YOU can help aide climate change, but the main message we are trying to push is that you become familiar with the effects of climate change and how this will affect our future.