Our Mission Statement

How does fast fashion affect our planet?

Fast fashion refers to the inexpensive designs that quickly move from the catwalk to stores. As a result of this trend new fashion seasons have been created 52 fashion weeks.

In the opening scene the documentary RiverBlue, deep magenta wastewater spills are seen in a river in China as the voice of fashion designer and activist Orsola de Castro can be heard saying "there is a joke in China that you can tell the 'it' colour of the season by looking at the colour of the rivers."

This means all the clothing not sold will be thrown away. Fast fashion companies have become one of the main contributors to the rapid production of pollution due to the rapid consumption of consumers.

When textile clothing ends up in landfills, the chemicals on the clothes such as dye can cause damage the earth by bleeding the chemicals into the ground.

The main reason we wanted to pick this as our project is to highlight the exploitation of poor families in third world cities are made to work in awful conditions and paid next to nothing to make the clothes we wear. How do you think these companies are able to sell these clothes for such low prices? Shops like, New Look, Bershka and even online stores like Wish and Fashion nova are exploiting innocent people to make profits and as a group we wanted to make this aware to our school’s student body, as they would be more mindful about buying from these stores.